By | November 30, 2020

The internet had a setback when the sentence “Kristen Stewart feels protective to finally play Princess Diana” got a public view. Everybody knows Kristen Stewart from the popular Twilight movie series. But is she that much able to play the titular character of America’s princess Diana? Stewart is all geared to prove them wrong since their reaction isn’t supporting either. The actress is said to be playing the role in the coming up movie named Spencer.

Kristen Stewart feels protective to finally play Princess Diana.

Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles in 1981. Well despite being a princess, she was also a very devoted mother. She got her name to the public fanbase due to her noble charity work. She worked throughout her life. She was famous during her time due to an incident where she walked onto a landmine zone which took the world by shock.

But Diana was lost to the world in 1997. But not from the heart of the common people as she was named “The People’s princess”.

Did Princess Diana had documentaries made after her?

In 2013, a feature film was made after her, which got a very poor review to date.

Then in 2017, a documentary named “Diana: In her own words” was made with a lot of unknown interviews that were never discovered before. It also included a lot about the royal treatment that she got from the family itself. And even the queen too.

Kristen Stewart got into a conversation with the TV presenter and made it clear, why she chose that specific role only. For those reasons, fans on the internet got into a discussion of how the role can turn out if it is played solely by Kristen Stewart.

In what movie will Kristen Stewart play the role?

Kristen Stewart is said to play the role of Princess Diana in the movie spencer which seems to be written by Steven Knight and directed by Pablo Larrain.

While no one expected the casting to be done in such an unusual way of selecting Kristen Stewart at all.

She was into the limelight for portraying the role of Bella in the popular Twilight movie series and did encounter a good fan base to herself.

The director usually got into a talk with the actress and he found out that after roles in Twilight, Kristen Stewart will fit perfectly for playing Princess Diana well.

A similar reaction was available from the actress too. Stewart mentioned how she was preparing herself to fit the role and do justice to it.

The majority of the discussion got to fire up on Twitter as people started to compliment her acting skills. Some preferred her much better for the role, while others had a hard time believing it.

Well, we will only be able to find out in the actual movie.

Stay tuned till then.

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