Top Data Analysis Software

The thing about data is it helps you make better business decisions. But without analyzing it, you won’t really understand what needs to be done.

Luckily, data analysis software can seriously simplify data analysis—provided you choose the right one.

#1 – Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a powerful data analysis software that converts data into intuitive visualization.

The software then uses all this information to create powerful drop-and drag reports.

The platform’s dashboards give you a comprehensive and quick glance at key business metrics like rich text format and reports.


Zoho Analytics offers four online service plans:

  • Basic: $22 per month
  • Standard: $45 per month
  • Premium: $112 per month
  • Enterprise: $445 per month

#2 – Tableau

Tableau is number one for  data visualization and analytics.

Tableau can handle tons of data with ease thanks to its smart features that work at lightning-fast speed.

You can create charts, maps, graphs, dashboards, applications, and reports and then share them across mobile and desktop platforms.

This data analysis software is suitable for organizations of all sizes as it offers all kinds of solutions—each fitted with specific features to solve problems.


Tableau offers three plans:

  • Duo: $140
  • Team: $278
  • Small Business: $1778

#3 – Apache Spark

Apache Spark should be at the top of the list of people who want big data analysis on a budget. Top companies like Netflix, Visa, Uber, Slack, and Yahoo use Spark.

It offers excellent speed and scalability, making it one of the fastest-growing large scale data processing engines.

Spark executes applications in Hadoop clusters ten times faster on disk and one hundred times faster in memory.

It works well for streaming data as the platform uses powerful and high-performance machine learning algorithms.


Apache Spark is completely free. And there is no enterprise pricing plan that you need to worry about in the future.

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