More people visit the Mysterious Monolith in Utah

Well for some people, a warning is as simple as death standing in front of them. But now, that is a joke. After being warned so many times, more and More people visit the Mysterious Monolith in the Utah Desert. Well, curiosity was responsible for the present advancement of mankind. And it is being utilized live in the desert by many people for having a look at the Metal polygon.

More people visit the Mysterious Monolith in Utah

People are just fine with the incident after it was first discovered. But they are racing, as the recent visits get reported only in just 48 hours. Officials have reported the metal shape, didn’t give away any information about it. As they feared people will eventually go there and make a possible mess for themselves.

While some got the warning understood, others took down to Google Earth and tracked the location down to find the exact location. You do know how Google Earth is useful. And it just got another brilliant application to find new places.

Who first found the Metal Monolith in the desert?

A US army infantry officer going by the name of David Surber went to the Utah Desert for over 6 hours. He told BBC that he was the first to go there and see it, as the object was hidden in nature for over years.

He got the ideal location of the pillar from a Reddit post mentioned by Tim Slane. It claimed the exact location and the right place.

The Reddit user goes it under satellite imagery taken in the long back year of 2016.

Tons of people have visited the place from the time of the discovery. And their favorite habit? Posting pictures of it on the Instagram and other social media platforms.

And that’s what has been happening till now, driving a lot of people there to see the mysterious object.

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