Space X Astronaut shares video looking into earth from space capsule

Elon Musk’s Space X sent astronauts to the space this year in their new futuristic suits. Well, one Space X Astronaut shares video looking into the earth from a space capsule which looks insanely beautiful. He was probably documenting his brilliant experience into space. Aside, he was also one of the first people of his community to fly into a commercial rocket and live in the international space station.

Space X Astronaut shares video looking into earth from space capsule

Victor Glover, one of the 3 astronauts that got into space this year from the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida. For him, it was an achievement. The rocket launch went brilliant, and he was keen on sharing his experience from space.

The clip is a short one despite its incredible importance. The footage seems to be focused on the Crew Dragon capsule to the International space station, wandering away from the earth itself.

Victor is also a brilliant United States Navy fighter pilot entering into NASA’s astronaut training program in the year 2013. This is his first trip to space and spends living in the International space station for the next half of the year.

Cool indeed.

The footage glances on the inside of the Dragon Capsule

The Space X Astronaut took his time to show the social media on the outside of the capsule. The earth is visible and as it always has been, the earth looks beautiful. He speaks well into the camera and mentioning how he is so amazed to get such a spectacular view in front of his eyes.

Well, it’s space. And clearly, Glover took no delay to let his followers know about it.

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