Ohio Hospital hired Dog to cheer up other employees

An Ohio Hospital hired Dog to cheer up other employees during their work time. And good news, it lived up to its expectation pretty much well. The dog is insanely adorable and looks like a pillow of fur. Quite the contrary to cheer up frustrated or exhausted employees. Well, the hospital has so far taken up the right job and gave it to a dog.

Ohio Hospital hired Dog to cheer up other employees

All he has to do is to wander around and greet the employees and say hi. Not exactly, but to the possible in sense of a dog. And one single part of that isn’t hurtful.

The Hospital hired a dog named Shiloh and the social media sees its first photos with physician Shari Dunaway, MD.

And the motive came to go a very good response with tons of animal lovers in the hospital itself.

He even got a very adorable identity tag. And it reads, Shiloh, Justice Volunteer under the tag of the hospital name.

The photographs showing how Shiloh is enjoying his hospital time to the best of his life.

He is either grinning with himself. Or he is just sitting cool, smiling, and being cheerful for the employees with his super cool job appointed tag.

As per employees of the hospital, other people have also congratulated and thanked Shiloh for his noble work.

The workers even expressed their feelings for the dog mentioning how it became a chance for them to work cool and happy.

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